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  1. Education: BS/MS (Computer Science or Allied Fields) Experience: 3-4 years Natural Language Processing. experience required 2 years at least Job Description: · The candidate should be able to become part of the research team to solve cutting-edge problems related to NLP. ·The candidate should be able to implement appropriate algorithms and train ML models for NLP problems. ·The candidate should be able to ensure best practices of code modularity, extensibility, and readability during software development. ·The candidate should be able to remain updated with the developments in the field of NLP. The candidate should have good knowledge and experience of the following: ·Classical NLP methods e.g. Part of Speech Tagging, Dependency Parsing, Word Sense Disambiguation, and String/Text Similarity, etc. · Machine Learning and Deep Learning for NLP e.g. Text Classification, Unsupervised Learning, Vector Semantics, Sequence Models, Transformers, etc. ·Data Structures, Algorithms, and Algorithm Complexity. ·Processing multilingual textual data. ·Python and other programming languages, and the libraries/packages related to NLP. ·Knowledge of Speech Processing and OCR are additional skills. Note: The candidate should share the CV having a list and brief description of NLP projects.
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